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Chinese equivalents of first names
in Chinese symbols
Male's names list (325)

Aaron Abe Abel Abraham Absalom Adam Adolf Adolphus Adrian Alan Albert  Albin Alden Aldous Alec Alex Alexander Alexis Alfonso Alfred Algernon Allan Allen Alphonso Alvin Ambrose Amos Andrew Andy Angelo Amgus Anselm Amselme  Anthony Antin Antonio Archbold Armond Arne Arnold Arthur Aubrey Barney Barrett Barie Barry Bartholemew Basil Bazil Ben Benedict Benjamin Bennett Benny Benton Bernard Bert Bertram Bill Billy Bob  Bobby Bradley Brian Bryan Brooks Bruce Bryce Carl Carol Caroline Carrol Carson Cecil Charles Charley Christopher Churchill Clarence Clark Claud Clement Clifford Clive Colin Conrad Cuthbert Cyril Cyrus Dan Daniel David Davis Dean Denis Dennis Douglas Doyle Dudley Duncan Ebenezer Eddie Edgar Edmond Edmund Edward Edwin Elbert Elton Enoch Eric Ernest Ervin Esmonde Eugene Felix Ferdinand Francis Frank Freddie Frederick Galen Garth Gary Gene Geoffrey George Gerald Gerard Gerry Giebert Gilbert Giles Godfrey Godwin Gorden Gordon Gregory Harley Harold Harrold Harry Harry Henry Herbert Herman Hilary Horace Horatio Howard Hubert Hudson Hugh Hugo Humphrey Irvin Irwin  Isaac Isaiah Ivan Jack Jackson Jacob James Jason Jay Jeffrey Jeremy Jerome Jerrold Jerry Jim Jimmy Joe Joel John Johnny Jonathan Joseph Josh Joule Julian Justin Justus Karl Keith Kenneth Kenny Kent Kevin Lance Larry Laurence Leon Leonard Leslie Lester Lewis Lincoln Lione Lionel Llewelyn Lloyd Luther Mack Mark Martin Marven Marvin Mason Mathew Matthew Maurice Max Melvin Michael Michel Mickey Mitchell Morgan Mort Moses Moses Nathan Neville Newell Nicholas Nick Nigel Noel Nolan Norman Norris Oliver Osbert Oswald Owen Palmer Parker Pat Patrick Paul Percy Peter Philip Quentin Ralph Randy Raymond Reuben Reynold Richard Robert Robin Rodger Roger Roland Ronald Ronne Ronney Rony Ross Rudolph Rupert Ruppert Salomon Sam Sames Sammis Samson Samuel Scott Sean Sebastian Seymour Sherman Sidney Simon Simonds Solomon Spencer Stanford Stanley Stephen Steve Steven Taylor Ted Teddy Terence Terrell Terry Theobald Theodore Theron Thomas Tim Timothy Tom Tommy Tony Tracy Traris Vance Vaughan Vernon Victor Vincent Walter Ward Wayne Werner Wiefrid Wilbert Wiley Wilford Wilfred William Willie Wilson Winston Winton Yale Zames Zane Ziegler 

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