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 A large choice of Chinese symbols
for t-shirts or any designs

Most of t-shirts shop will print it for you!

One 8 x 10 Chinese (20,3 x 25.4 cm) symbol emailed to you
for 6.00$ or 5,00 euros or

No shipping and handling cost if emailed

Choose your BIG ONE symbol
from the following list
 1 symbol / character

B1001 love
B1002 ambition
B1003 friend
B1004 nice
B1005 beauty
B1006 happiness
B1007 Buddha
B1008 warrior
B1009 cat
B1010 dog
B1011 horse
B1012 rooster
B1013 heart
B1014 destiny
B1015 dragon
B1016 God
B1017 water
B1018 fire
B1019 force / power
B1020 frog
B1021 crane
B1022 eternal
B1023 passion
B1024 chance
B1025 sexy
B1026 interest
B1027 unique
B1028 bad
B1029 elephant
B1030 wind
B1031 metal
B1032 longevity
B1033 peace
B1034 wealth / money
B1035 tiger

B1036 life
B1037 women
B1038 rat
B1039 snake
B1040 sea
B1041 humility
B1042 strength / healthy
B1043 virtue / moral
B1044 harmony
B1045 luck
B1046 prosperity
B1047 bear
B1048 blood
B1049 Dao (Tao)
B1050 Jade

B1051 laugh
B1052 star
B1053 truth
B1054 eternity
B1055 spirit
B1056 heaven
B1057 knife / sword
B1058 chaos
B1059 sun
B1060 filial piety
B1061 tranquility
B1062 compassion
B1063 samurai (Japanese)
B1064 death
B1065 leopard
B1066 panther
B1067 earth
B1068 air
B1069 sea
B1070 village
B1071 extreme
B1072 hate
B1073 lion
B1074 lucky
B1075 sex
B1076 yin
B1077 yang
B1078 endure, tolerate
B1079 butterfly
B1080 tea
B1081 dream
B1082 silver
B1083 mom / mum
B1084 husband
B1085 flower
B1086 respect
B1087 wisdom
B1088 true
B1089 man
B1090 live
B1091 family
B1092 pure
B1093 bull
B1094 father
B1095 small / little
B1096 self
B1097 moon
B1098 hot / spicy
B1099 sour / acid
B1100 sweet

B1101 devil
B1102 strange / rare
B1103 hope
B1104 health
B1105 sport
B1106 dance
B1107 new
B1108 cold
B1109 benevolence; humanity
B1110 shadow
B1111 light
B1112 me
B1113 understand
B1114 stop / cease
B1115 justice
B1116 enigma; mystery
B1117 picture; drawing
B1118 double happiness

Chinese Astrology
Horoscope Zodiac Signs

( 1 character )
BZ01 rat 
BZ02 ox 
BZ03 tiger 
BZ04 rabbit 
BZ05 dragon 
BZ06 snake 
BZ07 horse 
BZ08 sheep 
BZ09 monkey 
BZ10 rooster 
BZ11 dog 
BZ12 pig 

Click here to see a sample of what you will receive
  Sample BIG ONE

The image file in JPG format will be
emailed to you in less than 48 hours on business week

On reception of your payment you will receive by email a quality image 8 x10 inches ( 20,3 x 25,4 cm ) or 576 x 720 pixels, in JPG format 72 dpi easy to print on a standard paper page or use as an image.

Fill in the order form below.
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Copy and paste or type your choice
 from the list in the blank "Code":
Ex.: B1001 love

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Two (2) first names $7 5 euros £3.5
Two (2) words $7 5 euros £3.5
Outline (once per order) $2 2 euros £1
One phrase (2 to 3 words) $7 5 euros £3.5
One phrase (4 to 9 words) $14 10 euros £7
Outline for phrase $2 2 euros £1
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A Big One $7  5 euros £3.5

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