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 4 symbols / characters ( Four characters idioms: cheng yu )

S4001 Turning defeat into victory
S4002 Speech is silver
S4003 Silence is golden
S4004 Money makes money
S4005 Misfortunes never come singly
S4006 A contented mind is a perpetual feast
S4007 A little is better than none
S4008 A little learning is a dangerous thing
S4009 All his geese are swans
S4010 All lay loads on a willing horse
S4011 A still tongue makes a wise head
S4012 There is no end to learning
S4013 Knowledge is limitless (Reading enriches the mind)
S4015 A common enemy causes common action (Share bitter hatred of enemy)
S4016 After a storm comes a calm (After deep misfortune comes bliss)
S4017 After black clouds, clear weather (After deep misfortune comes bliss)
S4018 Every dog is a lion at home (Ignorant arrogance)
S4019 Seeing is believing
S4020 Reap what one has sown
S4021 Set a thief to catch a thief (Meet fire with fire)
S4022 Smooth water runs deep (The wise appear dumb)
S4023 Fine words butter no parsnips
S4024 Soon ripe, soon rotten
S4025 Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Evil is repaid with evil)
S4026 Speech is the picture of the mind (Words are the voice of the mind)
S4027 Speech shows what a man is
S4028 Speed is the soldier's asset (Speed is precious in war)
S4029 Lose the ship for half penny worth of tar (Penny wise and dollar foolish)
S4030 Still waters have deep bottoms
S4031 Study sickness while you are well (Be vigilant in peace time)
S4032 Make haste slowly
S4033 Make hay while the sun shines (Strike while iron is hot)
S4034 Many a fine dish has nothing on it (Appear better than it is)
S4035 Many a little (or pickle) makes a mickle (Little bits add up to a lot)
S4036 Many drops makes a shower (Many a little makes a lot)
S4037 Many dishes, many diseases
S4038 Many hands are better than one (Many hands make light work)
S4039 Many hands make a burden lighter (Many hands make light work)
S4040 A contented mind is perpetual feast (Be content with one's lot)
S4141 A creaking door hangs long on its hinges. (Use keeps human faculties sharp)
S4142 A faithful friend is hard to find
S4143 After death, the doctor
S4144 Beggars can't be choosers
S4145 A guilty conscience needs no accuser (Have a guilty conscience)
S4146 A little is better than none
S4147 A little learning is a dangerous thing.
S4148 All covet, all lose (Covet all, lose all)
S4149 All is fair in war.
S4150 All men are mortal
S4151 Blow one's own horn
S4152 All rivers run into the sea
S4153 Dogs that run after many hares kill none. (Too much consideration accomplishes nothing)
S4154 Literal: One day, a thousand autumns (Rapid changes: one day equals a thousand years)
S4155 One day, a thousand miles (Rapid progress: traveling a thousand miles in a day)
S4156 One day, three autumns (Greatly missing someone: one day feels as long as three years)
S4157 Adding legs when painting a snake (Ruin the effect by adding something superfluous)
S4158 Covering one's ear when pilfering a bell (Fooling oneself by ignoring the facts)
S4159 The more the better
S4160 Face the fearful with no fear
S4161 Sincerity can make metal and stone crack
S4162 Reading is always profitable
S4163 An old hand is a good guide
S4164 Indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty
S4165 Never be bored (with something)
S4166 Extreme joy begets sorrow
S4167 Both sides suffer/lose. Neither side gains
S4168 Much-visited house (The shop is doing booming business)
S4169 Have a bright future
S4170 Have no way to back down
S4171 Snatch a patient from the jaws of death
S4171 Happy as a fish in water
S4172 Attend to trifles but neglect essentials
S4173 Seek the truth from facts; be practical and realistic
S4174 Fail to make good one's promise; break a promise
S4175 With irresistible force
S4176 Skill comes from practice
S4177 Resurgence; revival
S4178 Do two things at the same time; use two approaches to a goal
S4179 Be penny-wise and pound-foolish
S4180 Unique; without equal; matchless
S4181 Strong in appearance but weak in reality; paper tiger
S4182 Murderous intent behind the smiles
S4183 Have a well-thought-out plan
S4184 Spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
S4185 Cancel completely; settle an account once and for all
S4186 Become famous overnight
S4187 A single word is worth a thousand pieces of gold
S4188 Learning is more precious than gold
S4189 Different approaches, same result
S4190 Guide one's actions according to circumstances
S4191 Never forget one's origins
S4192 Where there's a will, there's a way
S4193 Haste makes waste. More haste, less speed
S4194 With single-hearted devotion
S4195 Know oneself
S4196 Be incorrigibly stubborn. Never to repent even at death's door


Click here to see a sample of what you will receive
  Sample SAYING

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