Postal Order Form
(Order On Line) (Fançais)

Please print* and complete this form
and send it with the appropriate
payment to:

Gestion M.R.P.
39 Tardif
Boischatel  QC G0A 1H0
( If you want postal mail see below )


 Order Price Qty Total
  I order this TRIO  (Add $6 or 5€ or £3)
Write you 3 choices
(Ex. T1001 love, T203 luck, T302 eternity)
1. _________________________________________

2. _________________________________________

3. _________________________________________

I order a second TRIO  (Add $6 or 5€ or £3)
Write you 3 choices

1. _________________________________________

2. _________________________________________

3. _________________________________________

I need a stencil outline for a tattoo (Add $2 or 2€ or £1)

I want to receive my translation by postal mail only
(Add $2 or 2€ or £1 and your shipping address below)

If you pay by check add the check fee
(Add $2 or 2€ or £1)

Shipping address if you choose postal mail option
Name: ____________________________________________




City State ZIP:

Payment Methods Accepted:

1. PayPal for a 24 hours services, no fee. Click HERE.
    For more information on "How to use PayPal" click HERE.
    PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
    You send money to:
    Another person can also use its credit card to pay for your order.

    NEW! PayPal now offers the ability to send and receive payments
    in Euros and Pounds Sterling. To know more click

2. Order from Kagi Internet Store, click here > Buy from Kagi
   For a 24 hours services and no fee.

    Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Optima,
    Discover (Novus), Diner's Club, Eurocard, Carte Blanche, and JCB
    Accepts order in 11 languages and all major currencies.
An other person can also use her credit card to pay for your order.

3. Credit card, only by PayPal payment system or Kagi Store
    See option 1 and 2.

How much?
Minimum order $7 USD $7 CAD 5€ or £3

One full name $7     5 euros    £3.5**
One full name + outline $9 7 euros £4
Two (2) first names $7 5 euros £3.5
Two (2) words $7 5 euros £3.5
Outline (once per order) $2 2 euros £1
One phrase (2 to 3 words) $7 5 euros £3.5
One phrase (4 to 9 words) $14 10 euros £7
Outline for phrase $2 2 euros £1
One (1) TRIO $7 5 euros £3.5
One (1) TRIO + outline $9 7 euros £4
A Big One $7  5 euros £3.5

** $7.00 or the equivalent in your currency
U.S.A. $7; Canada $7; European Union
 United Kingdom £3.5; Australia $8 AUD
 or something equivalent in any local paper money.

If you order on line, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the price.

Please check this page to see if PayPal accepts payments from your country.

For a currency converter:

If you have any question just write to:


(*) N.B. If you can not print this postal order form, you just write essential data and send them by postal mail with your payment.

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