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 2 symbols / characters

T2000 love (romantic)
T2001 friendship
T2002 Buddhism
T2003 luck
T2004 paradise; heaven
T2005 cosmos
T2006 dolphin
T2007 desire
T2008 devil
T2009 God (Christian)
T2010 hope
T2011 eternal
T2012 women
T2013 fidelity
T2014 danger
T2015 romantic
T2016 friend
T2017 beauty (women)
T2018 mystic
T2019 Neptune
T2020 trust
T2021 tofu
T2022 sexy
T2023 respect; esteem
T2024 extreme; radical
T2025 pride
T2026 inner peace
T2027 natural world
T2028 flame
T2029 equality
T2030 determination
T2031 confidence / trust
T2032 compassion
T2033 harmony
T2034 eternal life
T2035 courage
T2036 honour
T2037 peace
T2038 truth
T2039 benevolence
T2040 perseverance
T2041 honesty
T2042 love (affection)
T2043 patience
T2044 piety
T2045 wisdom 
T2046 humility
T2047 lotus flower
T2048 panda
T2049 posh; stylish
T2050 carpenter
T2051 compassion
T2052 desire
T2053 princess
T2054 tiger
T2055 lascivious
T2056 flame; fervour
T2057 flames of love
T2058 karma
T2059 sunshine
T2060 passion; sexual love
T2061 serenity
T2062 lunatic; madman
T2063 dad; papa
T2064 mom; mother
T2065 integrity
T2066 wit; humour
T2067 child; children
T2068 sense; feel
T2069 loyalty; sincerity
T2070 yin yang
T2071 dark
T2072 soul; spirit
T2073 faith
T2074 believe

T2075 forever; always
T2076 breathe
T2077 knowledge
T2078 power
T2079 Eve
T2080 jujitsu
T2081 passion; fervour
T2082 adventure; explore
T2083 justice
T2084 felicity
T2085 contradiction
T2086 rebel
T2087 beloved
T2088 butterfly
T2089 lovers
T2090 sweetheart
T2091 music
T2092 hunter
T2093 metal
T2094 family
T2095 slave
T2096 welcome
T2097 never
T2098 leadership
T2099 China
T2100 USA
T2101 France
T2102 Suisse
T2103 picture; drawing
T2104 baby; child
T2105 golden dragon
T2106 spirit; mind
T2107 no regret
T2108 coach
T2109 magic
T2110 trouble
T2111 challenge
T2112 health
T2113 scandal
T2114 self-control
T2115 simplicity
T2116 pain; suffering
T2117 mistress
T2118 daylight
T2119 hello
T2120 England
T2121 equilibrium; balance
T2122 chaos
T2123 challenge
T2124 fine
T2125 pearl
T2126 liberty
T2127 mind; brain
T2128 body; health
T2129 nurture
T2130 mother
T2131 tribe
T2132 kung fu; gong fu
T2133 orphan
T2134 abundance
T2135 laughter
T2136 mysterious
T2137 adornment
T2138 optimistic
T2139 achievement; success
T2140 unity
T2141 inspiration
T2142 prosperity
T2143 eternal peace
T2144 double happiness
T2145 Jesus
T2146 self-confidence
T2147 sadness
T2148 unfortunate
T2149 sentimental


T2150 idiot; dork
T2151 jerk
T2152 cow
T2153 daughter
T2154 Holland
T2155 satisfaction
T2156 very fortunate
T2157 longevity
T2158 angel
T2159 brown bear
T2160 sister (younger)
T2161 sister (elder)
T2162 misery
T2163 unique; distinctive
T2164 dangerous; perilous
T2165 black (color)
T2166 spider
T2167 end; final stage
T2168 rebirth
T2169 thank you
T2170 goodbye
T2171 demon; evil spirit
T2172 inn
T2173 Shaolin Temple
T2174 we
T2175 generous
T2176 weird; strange
T2177 generosity
T2178 son
T2179 greed
T2180 evolution
T2181 nature
T2182 meet (in person)
T2183 sport
T2184 lover
T2185 intuition
T2186 essential
T2187 ocean
T2188 alone; friendless
T2189 bitch
T2190 me; myself
T2191 crisis
T2192 devotion
T2193 elegance
T2194 pleasure
T2195 Ph.D.
T2196 universal love; fraternity
T2197 energy
T2198 endurance
T2199 tolerance



3 symbols / characters

T301 cosmic
T302 eternity

T303 Forever yours
T304 You and me
T305 Crazy bear
T306 I love you

Western Astrology
Horoscope Zodiac

(3 characters)
Z301 Aries 
Z302 Taurus 
Z303 Gemini 
Z304 Cancer 
Z305 Leo 
Z306 Virgo 
Z307 Libra 
Z308 Scorpio 
Z309 Sagittarius 
Z310 Capricorn 
Z311 Aquarius 
Z312 Pisces 


 4 symbols / characters

T401 Fall in love
T402 I love you for ever
T403 Happy birthday

T404 Live for you
T405 compassion

N00 2004
(or any other year at your choice)

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