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Mah Jongg: Free Majong Tiles Game
Blue Mahjong
Turbo Mahjongg Solitaire
Mahjong Connect: play while the clock is running
Mahjongg Alchemy
Mahjongg Tower
Mahjong Daily
Mahjongg 3D: Choice of 25 layouts
Majong: Shanghai Dynasty Free Game
Black and White Mahjong (1273k)
Mah Jong Very Easy to Unbeatable
Mahjong Shishen (Java Version)
Master Qwan's Mahjong Solitare
FLA Jong: Mahjong Free Solitary Game
Mahjongg Garden Freegames
The Great Mahjong with Time Attack
Beijing Mahjong: * Play against an opponant*
Three Kingdoms Mahjong: * Play against 3 opponants * (2030 k)
Mahjong Elite: 0,1,2 or 3 containers

Mahjong Chinese Symbolism of the 144 Tiles
Mahjong Chinese Symbols 01: Seasons, Directions
Mahjong Chinese Symbols 02: The Three Dragons
Mahjong Chinese Symbols 03: The Three Suits
The Symbolic Square of Mahjong and the 144 Tiles
Boutique: More Books, Mahjong Tiles, Software
Mahjong Bibliography. Books List
Video: How to play Mahjong?
Video: Kung Fu Mahjongg 2

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checker
Chinese Checkers 20
Chinese Chess Xiang Qi Training

Mahjong Readings Free Majong Readings
Origins of the Oracle

Chinese Astrology
Learn About The 12 Chinese Signs

Fortune Cookie

Crack A Fortune Cookie
Crack A Misfortune Cookie

Free I Ching (Yijing) Readings
64 Hexagrams Descriptions

Chinese New Year Index Page

What is the date of the Chinese New Year 2012?
Chinese New Year Dates from 1999 to 2020

Xiang Qi
Chinese Chess
  Xiang Qi: the Cinese Chess Game
  Xiang Qi: the Symbols
(Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  Xiang Qi: the Symbols 02
(Symbols on each piece)

Xiexie Master
The 2004 World Computer
 Chinese Chess Champion

  Xie Xie Master, Computer Chinese Game

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Amazing Mahjongg 3D
Realistic 3D layout and lighting on your desktop
Pretty tiled cards in different sets
Customizable look and feel

The Chinese game Mahjongg is popular over the world. It combines elements of strategy, wisdom and luck. The objective is simple, but so captivating - you must match sets of tiles together to clear them from the board. Amazing Mahjongg 3D gives you an opportunity to enjoy classic Mahjongg game on your desktop computer.

Platform: Windows CE / Pocket PC
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Rahjong: The Curse of Ra

The Curse of Ra is a next generation version of the classic Mahjongg game with beautiful graphics. It introduces new elements such as bombs, magnets and walls, and uses the one-layer two-angles arcade rules.

Work your way through 50 cleverly designed levels with increasing difficulty. Levels 8 to 50 will challenge both your mind and logic. You can play either in single or various multiplayer modes.

A level editor allows you to create your own levels. Pass them on and challenge your friends.

Languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français

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Updated 07 janvier 2017