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Chinese chess game
Xiang Qi
( Xiangqi, Xiang Qi, Hsiang-Ch`i, Jeuhng Keih )

Xiangqi Jeu d'échecs chinois Chinese chess     Xiang Qi board Jeu d'échecs chinois

The Xiangqi or Chinese Chess game appeared in China about 3500 years ago. The Chinese character "xiang" means elephant, from where the name Elephant Chess. In order to explain this name, one of the well known hypotheses recalls that the first emperor Huang Di used a herd of elephants in its army. During the centuries many references to the Xiangqi are registered in the Chinese literature starting several centuries before Christ until our days. Although it finds its origin many centuries ago, this traditional Chinese chess game is now adapted to the new technologies and may be played its newest version on desk top computer and pocket PC.


Xiangqi is palyed on a checkerboard of 90 squares (9 x 10) with 32 pieces (2 x 16), There is a rectangular space calls the river in the middle of the board. These 32 pieces are arranged at the intersections and not in the center of the squares. The pieces in the shape of small discs are covered of a Chinese character that indicates its value.




chess game; chess

Shogi or he "General Game" in Japan

shô  gi

The Shogi actual version of is played in Japan for more than 400 years. The symbol Shô means "general" and Gi means "board game". So Shogi means the General Game. Shogi is played on a 9 x9 game board. But unlike the traditional chess games pieces are all of the same color.

Changgi en Corée


Changgi (Janggi; Jangki,Tjyang Keui) is the Korean chess game. It is paled on a 9 x 10 board like the Xiang Qi.  There is no river and the board shape is more rectangular. The pieces are arranged at the intersections and not in the center of the slots.

   Xiang Qi: the Cinese chess game
   Xiang Qi: the symbols
(Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
   Xiang Qi: the symbols 02
(Symbols on each piece)

Xiexie Master
The 2004 World Computer
 Chinese Chess Champion

   Xie Xie Master, Computer Chinese Game
   Xie Xie Master, User's manual


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by H. T. Lau


First Syllabus on Xiangqi: Chinese Chess 1
(Li, David H., Chinese Chess, 1.)
by David H. Li

Xiangqi Syllabus on Cannon: Chinese Chess 2
by David H. Li


Xiangqi Syllabus on Elephant - Chinese Chess 3
(3rd Volume in Premier Series on Xiangqi)
by David H. Li (Author)


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