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The Chinese equivalent of a western first name is another way to have a first name translated into Chinese. Some methods for choosing an auspicious Chinese name are very far from the ones we use in western world. The whole process is not usually accessible to us. But if ever you find someone who knows how to do it, the high price is often another problem. 

But there is a link between Chinese and western languages as the syllables pronunciation of some names is similar to the pronunciation of some syllables of the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Most of the time the pronunciation is not exactly the same but is relatively close. Using this method you can have a Chinese first name that means something in Chinese and which is different from a transliteration. Transliteration is a translation based on the sound of the characters without link with their meanings. The transliteration is used for western name appearing in Chinese documents like newspapers and business cards.
The price for a Chinese equivalent is a little higher than the one for a transliteration because the we need more time for researching of auspicious symbols.
Examples of Chinese equivalents: 

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Update 09 septembre 2015