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Chinese equivalents of first names
in Chinese symbols
Female's names list

Ada Adela Adelaide Adele Adeline Agatha Agnes Aileen Alene Alexandra Alice Alicia Aline Alison Alma Amabel Amanda Amelia Amie Amy Andre Aneurin Angela Angelina Angie Anita Ann Anna Annabella Anne Aneta Annette Annie April Arabella Audrey Barbara Beatrice Beatrix Becky Belinda Bertha Beryl Bess Bessie Beth Betsy Betty Blanche Bonnie Brenda Bridget Carol Caroline Catharine Catherine Cathy Cecilia Cecily Christabel Christianna Christina Chistine Cicely Claire Clara Clare Connie Constance Cora Cynthia Daphne Daisy Deborah Diana Doreen Doris Dorothy Edith Edna Eileen Eleanor Elizabeth Elis Ella Ellen Ellice Ellie Ellis Emily Emma Enid Esther Ethel Eugenia Eunice Eva Evangeline Eve Eveline Evelyn Faith Fanny Fiona Flora Florence Frances Freda Genevieve Georgia Geraldine Gertrude Gill Gillam Gladys Grace Gracie Gwen Gwendoline Gwendolyn Hannah Harriel Helen Helena Henrietta Hermione Hilary Hilda Ida Irene Iris Isabel Isabella Jacqueline Jane Janet Jean Jeannette Jennifer Jenny Jerry Jessica Jessie Jill Joan Joanna Joanne Jocelyn Josephine Joyce Judith Judy Julia Julien Juliet June Karol Kate Katharine Katherine Kathy Kay Kaye Kitty Laura Laurel Lena Lesley Lilian Lillian Lily Linda Lisa Lolita Lora Louisa Louis Louise Lucia Lucy Lydia Mabel Madeline Magee Maggie Magie Margaret Margery Margot Maria Marion Marjorie Marlene Martha Martine Mary Maud May Melinda Michel Michelle Mirabel Miranda Miriam Molly Mona Monica Muriel Myra Myrrha Myrtle Nancy Naomie Natalie Nellie Nelly Nola Nora Norma Olga Olive Olivia Pamela Patience Patricia Patty Paula Pauline Pearl Peg Peggy Penelope Penny Phoebe Phyllis Polly Priscilla Prudence Rachel Rebecca Rhoda Rita Robin  Rosa Rose Rosemary Ruby Ruth Sally Sandra Sarah Sharley Sharon Sharron  Shelly Sherrill Sherry Shirley Sophia Sophie Stella Sue Susan Susanna Susie Sylvia  Teresa Theresa Tina Vera Veronica Vicki Victoria Violet Virginia Vivian Wendy Winifred Yvette Yvonne Zoe 

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Female's names list
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